Advent Calendar Gate 23: An Outfit by Buying You Happy

Not only our small JW Christmas Countdown coming to an end so slowly, even 2016 (finally) soon to adopt. And that’s actually this year also just fine and we also simply times to leave it at this point. 2017 however, so we can tell you much now, is pretty exciting for Jane Wayne – and it is buying you happy not quite innocent. But na na na more is at this point still not reveal just as much: it is powerful crazy for us!

So a little bit to stimulate the anticipation at this point, there is already, on December 23, the perfect “feel good” outfit by buying you happy for 2017, consisting of a Levi’s jeans, a Polo-neck sweater, bag and shoes from their own brand, a belt of Mads Norgaard and jewelry worth around 720 euros. And so you could win:

Profit rules *.

You’re a fan of this is Jane Wayne on Facebook or on Instagram (if possible).

And tell us here under the articles in commenting (not counting comments on Facebook), why you the outfit happy do you win from the wonderful world of purchase.

Will be drawn on December 26 at 9: 00. We keep all fingers crossed for friends < 3
The / the happy will be notified by email.

* the profit may not be paid.

Again everything at a glance:

Jumpers by girls.
Levi’s Jeans Wedgie.
Shoes by buy happy.
Bag of buy happy.
Belt by Mads Nørgaard.
Earrings and necklace.

All about fourteen years ago, with a mish-mash of vintage furniture shop and waffle Café in the Prenzlauer Berg started. Meanwhile, the fixed idea of the time to a complete KDG Komsos has grown, where everything takes place, what makes happy heart and soul. Fashion, music, jewelry, furniture and Klimbim. And the hotel’s own collection is also not bad parents. On the contrary, it happens not rarely that we are let the Scandinavian brands and all the other great labels that when buying you happy have made comfortable, left for leather boots and jackets that are invented and manufactured, somewhere in a backyard in the wedding in KDG headquarters, which seems a bit as the domicile of a smart beautiful municipality: when is upon us , should you ‘Design Studio’ private label get anyway, a lot more attention in the world. Really true!