All Eyes on. MES Demoiselles Paris for the Autumn 2016

I had only an ACE in his sleeve – and just yesterday ensured that I was still on the last minute and terribly relaxed in Tuscany can fly this weekend: I have found Finally, finally a wedding guest outfit, “Hallelujah”. Before almost any other subject, I’m so over the past few weeks expertly ran away, scarcely another has indeed despair me leave. Phew clothes for occasions from out, to coordinate the whole thing on the respective site, to mix with the expectations of the inviting and to be even happy at the end of the day. Of course I would have to peel me again in any dress knee-surrounded by some Scandinavians, the own claim was another – but at least is here extra traveled to Tuscany. You know what I mean.

And so I set off yesterday on the last meters, before morning heading towards Bologna – and was actually looking for: In the sale at Isobel Gowdie the Mulackstrade and thanks to flowing and floral Mes Demoiselles two-piece glittering cotton. And we do exactly this Fund today look for the occasion, finally once more to introduce the French label:

Boho looks, romantic gowns and soft falling materials for MES Demoiselles Paris was so far known. And also my wedding guest outfit consisting of fall from a maxi skirt and the matching tunic here perfectly. For the winter of 2016, the looks are however more: Festival textile stands in contrast to flowing Tezukuri, tough boots break the looks. Again and again it is stained without being gaudy: Oriental-themed babouches are almost consistently combined to all, floral design enter into a liaison with colored stripes and velvet plays a huge role.

Since 2006 is finishing in the Parisian Rue Charlot in the looks of MES Demoiselles – and a woman is the pivotal point of the brands: Anita Radovanovic. She invites season after season us with her in the various countries to travel to smitten past worlds and vintage dreams. “Under an knitwear oversized umbrella of silk and cotton, and embellished pieces the MES Demoiselles silhouette comes alive. MES Demoiselles… Paris, invites you to join in the dance, come move with US…”



All eyes on // Mes Demoiselles Paris für den Herbst 2016 …

All eyes on // Mes Demoiselles Paris für den Herbst 2016 ...