Chanel High Couture Autumn/Winter 2012 / 2013: Pink, Gray, Shiny and New Vintage

The parade of Chanel couture is always the most anticipated and there is no doubt that almost never disappoints. The German designer Karl Lagerfeld It has presented a collection coined under the term “ New Vintage ”, a term or contradictory idea but coming of Lagerfeld less surprising. The collection is full of wool, tweed, pink and grey, shiny and metallic tones … am not a fan of Karl Lagerfeld but its parades always are a sight to see a large. Do you think you new collection of Haute Couture?

Pink and grey

The combination of colors star of his collection has been Pink and grey. A mixture of tones sweet but very combinable. Pink always suit but grayscale goes from grey clear one more strong or metallic.


Chanel is the Tweed. The collection of Haute Couture comes flooded of such tissue. Almost all garments Tweed comes embroidered, a laborious job for its artisan workshops. The tweed is interspersed with wool to form a beautiful and attractive set for winter.


Glitters to galore, especially for the night. Mix shines with wool and tweed is a risky bet, but Karl Lagerfeld seems not to fear anything. The sometimes grandiose result, others less so.

Diva dresses

The recipe: Satin or silk evening dress more equals diva. In the Chanel collection we see many divas with sumptuous dresses and details with glitter or huge loops.

The pants

Abound in the Haute Couture dresses and the trousers have always been somewhat relegated to the background but now also becomes protagonist of many parades. Baggy pants with much movement in chiffon, silk, tweed, prints or glitters pants make perfect bet for next winter.

Metallic and glitter tights

See metallic and with sparkle in grey stockings in the parade, has left me quite open mouth. Since such averages were much in the 1980s and early 1990s but were excluded from our wardrobe as a little flat or too much to our looks, although last year marks as Topshop they get them on sale. We will have to wait to see if the trend of stockings with metallic gloss succeeds.

Feathers, tulle and camellias

The Grand Palais where held in parade was adorned with more than 6000 fabric camellias. Of course the flower logo of Chanel was also very present in the collection. Dresses with camellias about sewn on tulle prom dresses turn into unique and very romantic pieces. See the delicate white feathers in blouses and dress coats. The cattails are one part more details of evening dresses.

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