Fair Friday Eco Christmas Gifts under 50 Euros

There’s just one thing that I really love about Christmas and gifts – but not the gifts that I get, but my gifts for others that are. I Christmas and everyone else could be so look I unpack anything very much. And when I get something for free, then I would like to wrap out prefer very secretly at night in bed, when nobody is watching. The loved ones around me around, however, which must all immediately tear, is clear. Finally I would like to see if I picked the right. Now, I have directed my life very in direction of minimalism and “own” less”in the course of this year which of course stands in direct contrast to opulent gift festivals. At least then, when we talk about crap gifts or disposable items.

Gifts that have a real benefit or of which you have something long are what seems very probably makes sense to me. Standards of design and quality, and of course to sustainability. And there are though not tons, but some bright spots in the Christmas sky are however appeared to me. I have compiled my wishlist for Christmas gifts under $50 (with two small exceptions) therefore just in time of 1st advent.

The Cookbook “Vegan with love” by Foodbloggerin Lea green is not only varied and nicely designed, but also pleasantly around in recipes, and particularly for all, who want to try in a vegan diet purely. On LEAs blog our site you can convince you of their recipes and take a little look at the book. 19.90 euro

Wall plastic with real plants from green style for those who would like to have a green thumb, but unfortunately then but didn’t. The whole thing must not be poured and has no light, because the plants were naturally preserved. Note that smells at the beginning slightly Woody, after about 4-6 but is gone weeks. 59 euro

Moon earrings by Yakamozz, made in Bali under fair working conditions and real silver. 15 euro per pair.

Chain with engraved request sign of layered and long via Etsy. Made in United States. 36,96 EUR plus international shipping.

I find the sweet Lingerie Set by ANEK somehow totally wintry and suitable for all possible constellations of the gift; for the best girlfriend, the girlfriend and of course for yourself. My experience with ANEK products is consistently positive. Handmade in Berlin, from recycled fabrics and remnants of textile production, or from Vintagefound pieces. Panty 39 euros and top 65 euro, can being given away individually.

The German startup Unicorn sold condoms in packs of chips with different imprints. This specimen here carries a photo of Oliver Rath and is only available as a limited edition. Pro packaging there are 7 condoms and per bag that whole 6 euro. Fair made in Malaysia, vegan, designed in Berlin.

Nail polishes manufactured in Australia in various colors by Kester Black via Savue beauty, vegan and non-animal tests. The ingredients are without typical toxic substances such as formaldehyde. 19 euros

Deanna Templeton is one of my favorite photographers and this year has a wonderfully whimsical photo book titled “swimming pool” released. It is what it says plus naked people under water. 45,25 EUR

Scented candles I cannot get enough, especially if they come in as a nice glass. 100% soy wax with essential oils, organic Wick and of course. By L: a Bruket via Green Glam for 48 euros.

My collection veganer makeup brush I’ve now expanded this sweet specimens of Inika. The set costs 39 euro and includes a universal brush, a blush brush, a brush for the Foundation, as well as a Kabuki brush. Grips from sustainably managed forests.