Fair Friday Wishlist Fair Fitness. Vegan Protein & Faux Leather Gymbag

Dear people, you know exactly what’s coming now: the annoying history of health, fitness, and the small inner pig dog that wants to move just a single millimeter towards sports leggings. I want to sting you with these sustainable and vegan fitness Essentials discovered recently by me a little bit in the page and politely but firmly encourage you to raise your limbs and to enable long-forgotten muscles. Because nothing, but really nothing at all can you hold a candle – the flood of positive thoughts that comes over one, if there is one post-workout nestled in a bathrobe on the couch (is?) and suddenly all the problems and potential aggression indicators pleasant tiny impact.

And if I’ve learned one, then that one just made up should go to the sport like a first date. You take friends finally time for yourself, for your health and much more important: for your well-being. Movement is doing just well and doing good to look the same again more. So grab one of the following favorite parts of the current fair fitness wishlist and – go up on the Stairmaster, the nearby forest or into the next Crossfit box.

Many of the products come from abroad and you must keep any customs duties in mind when ordering. Vegan and sustainable fashion, which is available in Germany, is unfortunately still somewhat difficult to get. Especially since I at the sport really on functional clothing set and simply don’t like like such sports leggings and underwear made of cotton.

Crop shirt: BeetxBeet

Leggings: alternative apparel

Sports Bra: Patagonia

Gymbag a.k.a.. Weekender bag: Matt & NAT via leshop.ch vegan

Vegetarian protein bar: Clif Bar -an extra Portionchen vegetable protein, disguised as a sweet cat food.

Swimsuit: Patagonia

Shoes (black turquoise): Brooks

Shoes (grey / yellow): Vivobarefoot

Shorts: alternative apparel