Fashion and 76 Blogs: The Showcase Displays Vintage and Hair on The Feet

A week, a week is half (over the bridge). We continue our review of our blogs Favorites and started with a curiosity, a story, a wonder. In Dans La mode a great post about the law of Laver and how fashion has a cycle. Sometimes met, others confirmed, and others are denies but we are certainly interested. Are they not perhaps the essential books of James Laver in all who studied fashion?

How not congratulate here 6 years of The Patricia’s Blog. 6 years delighting us with your good taste, your impeccable selections and their fair words. Thanks Patricia! And again lovely options in its selection of hair at your feet. Sync ansarnos you continue another 6 years and more.

We go’s catwalks, we go on parade, and we’re going to Bilbao. From there fashion is my profession makes us his Chronicle of the Bilbao urban gateway Centre, fashionable street for real women who don’t walk with Chiquita. It is or not a wonder travel the world without leaving the couch?

How it wouldn’t be Halloween one of the events most reflected in the blogs. From who wore what, how to dress ourselves without disguise us. Here lies the proposal of Fashion Boulevard showing us how to live a Halloween as fashionista. and with a set simply perfect. we love!

Weddings are stressful for a woman and relevant events. There are many options, the proposals, bids, but to know what is a more retro, my dear Maba wedding of the Showcase of the Bazaar He shows us what a true vintage wedding.

And if we are looking for a wedding, a baptism, an event, a Soiree or simply because it seems, finally some news of the most succulent, delicious and appetizing. In the sin, one of the stores cozy and most beautiful of Asturias, free shipping with purchases over $ 50. More on his blog.