Grandma Klara on the Move

After eight years of life & living in Stuttgart, it draws us into a new city.

It actually started out like with so much: A thought arises, grows up and no longer lets one go. The idea was: we are looking for a new city! The idea of a decision and we became deliberate which city would fit with us because. Where would we feel private and comfortable with our company? The choice was made quite quickly and we can’t wait now to our new city to say “Hello”. Every free minute we diligently packing moving boxes and are amazed at how much the moving cardboard mountain now stacks. But that’s good, if you move companies in addition to his “private move” with a the first time. Hard to believe Grandma Klara is a year old on the 01.09.2015. Nearly a year ago, we held the licence in the hands, full of ideas and zest proudly (both still available ;-)) Unbelievable what all happened in the meantime. But not only OMA Klara, many more great things are happening in this city, that will be always our hometown.

Recently, we were asked by an editor if Stuttgart would like us no more. This perfectly legitimate question, finally, are we nearing an exit, we were totally surprised. As could Stuttgart because no longer like us? Therefore our answer: “of course Stuttgart we like, very even. “But even more we wanted to get to know a new city after eight years!”

Grandma Klara so is moving to a new city: in our election and wish town is the Freiburg.

We hear us from there < 3

Grandma Clara