I’m Happy Your Tree Christmas O Your Table for Christmas Eve with These Biscuits Decorated Style Vintage

Pilar Salamanca has recently presented a tutorial to decorate Christmas cookies with motifs ‘vintage’. That you do not afraid the presentation in photographs (precious and perfect isn’t it?), because you only need to purchase some sheets of paper, sweet tarts and clouds.

Because clouds of sugar and cakes is the blog in front of which is a pillar, and in it you will find a sweet world, with many ideas and tips related to the creative pastries and their applications.
In this space we find not only the tutorial so that it is easier for us that we are just fans, and also the catalogue of blades (sizes in circular and square), that You can ask info.tartasynubes@gmail.com; and they have a price of six euros per sheet plus postage.

I I’ve been captivated these motifs that evoke past times and fill the heart of nostalgia, although fortunately they also fill a nearly infinite sweet palate. As you may have been able to guess, cookies will be precious in the desserts of Christmas Eve dinner tray, hung on the tree, or strung on a wooden stick forming pirouettes to bid farewell to your students (if you are teachers) until after winter break.

Let you go because it is sugar, illusion and new season. Have liked so much like me? By the way, in the foot of the post will find this cookie recipe, which you can then decorate with papers of sugar, but also worth your usual Christmas cookies, or that your children’s grandmother makes.