Monte Blanco, Bodegas Ramon Bilbao Presented The First Vintage of The Season on Wheel

Rodolfo Bastida, managing director of bodegas Ramón Bilbao, presented Mount White 2012, at a ceremony in the Restaurant Edulis of Madrid. Verdejo’s Ramón Bilbao, that it ahead to the rest of the world of viticulture by presenting the first his vintage.

A pleasure enjoy Mont Blanc with the creations that were presented by chefs Second Alonso, Pigeon; Alfonso Figueroa, of Edulis; and Carlos Moreno, of EvBoca, with six dishes cooked as for wine: s ravioli stuffed with quail with sweet potato, and a suckling pig with crispy cheese brie, accompanied by applesauce, a salad of prawns wrapped in mushrooms and a ceviche of oyster and grape the delight of attendees and highlighted the flavor of the verdejo the wineries of Ramon Bilbao.

In addition, Carlos Moreno will be surprised at Evboca During December and January with two spikes designed for Mont Blanc: a few oreo of squid ink, filled with cream of squid and accompanied by almond milk and also has designed a fun skewer that represents the Mount White 2012 Cork, filled with a ceviche of Octopus Braised type Denia with orange of orange juice so everyone can enjoy the fusion of flavors of Mont Blanc.

The wines from Rueda belong to the denomination of origin wine oldest of Castilla y León, created in 1980 and that it initially limited its production to white wines. The area boasts an ancient tradition, as there are news of cultivation of vines since the middle ages, mostly elaborating wines. In the Spanish golden age, the most famous wines of this area were Golden wine, aged for 10 years, and who came to have a controlled price.

And is in the municipality of Serrada, in full land of wheel where emerged a fertile union between lovers of land, its culture, its fruit, and the experience in developing the best wines. Monte Blanco is a direct consequence of this.

With his presence at a Conference, Ramón Bilbao moved its philosophy, its love for wine above all, to an environment filled with privileges. Verdejo is a white grape of Spain. The Verdejo white It is considered native to wheel, implanted there by the Mozarabs around the 11th century. It is a grape of great quality, one of the best white grapes of Spain.

According to the own winery:

The vine is horizontal appearance and robust trunk. Glabrous underside, is pequena-media, pentagonal leaf, petiolar sinus middle, little open in lira, nerves and petiole with zero or very low hair density. Cluster of small size, short-stalked. Berries small to medium-sized, usually spherical or elliptical short and yellow; its seeds tend to be rather large, Emphasizing candles When the grape is observed.

Do if you resist to try Monte Blanco of the Wineries of Ramon Bilbao?