New Use for Consoles and Gadgets Vintage: Are Instruments of Rock?

What was started in 2008 as a student James Houston entitled Big Ideas video (Don’t get any) became a success in YouTube. The video showed various gadgets making a cover of the eponymous song of Radiohead with the noises generated by each.

It seems that a printing company is going to make use of that creation, not to mention even Houston, and given the money it would cost to sue it has decided to loop the loop and create another gadget-music video by way of protest. So has recruited the musician Julian Corrie so write and play the song as well as also to a producer of the BBC for help with installation and recording before the multinational printers.

Everything you hear is produced by gadgets, consoles or computer with the exception of the vocals of Julian Corrie peripherals. In fact, the singer sits with a guitar, but it is connected via a MIDI adapter to a Mega Drive console, two Commodore 64, some floppy drives, hard drives, CRTs, printers and scanners.

The video has been filmed in one pool empty of Govanhill Baths in Glasgow and the result is, as least, curious. An interesting way of defend your intellectual property to multinational giants.

Note: Original Video Big Ideas (Don’t Get Any) that will be plagiarized