Nike Cortez – Worth the hype? And the Thing with the Over-Saturation

Sarah Jane is our sneaker-boss in the team, so to speak, the artificial nose for everything around to the sneaker. Eventually, there she Polyfemos itself for example, neck over in head in a few decorated with climbing conclusions twenty years old “adidas comfort vintage”, the Stan Smith together with Velcro made actually his comeback a year later. On the Sarah Oracle was reliable and so it has been this time, in February, the prophecy of a Nike Cortez revivals followed namely, Forest Gump, thank. Again a direct hit.

Now we have so the red blue white hype salad, because the initial enthusiasm followed immediately a small twinge of oversaturation, who love above all the Internet, or better: Instagram was and still is. To put it in the words of some followers: “My God, now everyone and his mother gave so again the same few shoe get, yuck.”

Comedy is tragedy is mirror writing because only always I remember, because the Klontum of the Blogger Landscape produced by generous company has long become the General amusement, comic, this is not necessarily, but quite a tragic dilemma. Resentment against so many duplication at all world is out considered from the perspective of bird namely very well to trace wide web feet, just like the loss of the pleasure it, to slip in a Cortez. Seen this phenomenon especially in school: If the wrong person desire was the object, it was suddenly taboo, no matter how long you secretly had languished on it. Similar thing happened, if too many classmates in possession of the same shoe, the same jacket or what ever were. Only in the own circle of friends, because everybody was allowed to look the same, no problem.

Now I wonder so: adult resentment about the ubiquity of the Nike classic is as justified today, ten years later, really? Should the Cursing pipe sparrows finally start and rest? Or keep them right?

I even anyway, remain mostly unimpressed by external influences – I aperture of what I don’t like, I save what I like. Wear my Lieblingsbloggerinen so a shoe, which do not like to have would or even own, then that annoys me no way, no, on the contrary, I’m watching even the one or other styling tip me. And here comes it’s not whether I was also gifted (like in this case here!), or had to pull out even the money bag, both coming before namely in equal proportions. First and foremost what we on our most personal canvas paint what we wear on our own bodies, but are felt first of all by no one else but us even as beautiful must. The good news is Yes: each “beautiful” is a different “nice” and identical products get through various Bearers a very own character, if you ask me.

The discussion about the oversaturation has done is therefore almost. Remains only one question: how is you as Leser_innen with all this? Let her continue to inspire you or are you just tired?