Retro Is Back in Fashion, 8mm Vintage Camera IOS App to Record Video with Effects

Although it was not until the last revision of the iPhone, iPhone 4, when Apple terminal has begun to have a decent camera, early photographic applications have had great success. If you are not very attentive to news related to this Smartphone, is having a real stir with the Instagram app among the iPhone users (it seems that there is little let Android users enjoy it). With this application can give a marked retro photographs and share them on the Internet. Something like it looks like they are with 8 mm vintage camera, but in video.

The range of effects is very large, since we have effects for our recordings appear in the 1920s, until the saturation of colors and vignetting of the famous eight millimeters in the 1970s. All of these effects displayed in real time, as far as during the recording of our video we can see on-site as staying without waiting to apply a certain filter then. In the video that accompanies this post you can see some of these effects.

Increasingly, mobile phones are being equipped with high-quality cameras and although it seemed impossible, everything points to that sooner than later you will end up eating the ground to compact cameras. Quality, comfort and immediacy that offer Smartphones leave in the wrong place to the Compact (low range, is clear) and the possibility of sharing your videos (and photos) online instantly very appealing. This iPhone app costs 1.59 euros, if you have an iPhone would not be ill try it, its price is not prohibitive.