Short News Fashion Targets Breast Cancer Campaign, Olivia Wilde Baby Belly & Neukolln Shopping Night

All news of the last few days at a glance, should – be missed under any circumstances including the fashion targets breast cancer campaign, an interview with Teresa Bucker Edition F, a smart solution for individual IKEA kitchens and two event tips for Berlin.

Edition F now belongs to our daily favorite bookmarks: the online magazine is aimed at the younger part of an audience that would like to have also the Brigitte – and has success without diets, celebrity news, and beauty tips. Editorial director Teresa Bücker about what makes Edition F – and how a niche between offers of established media companies could emerge.

Spring Dingding: Edited published the 2nd Frühlingslookbook “summer of love”. Together with the current favorite look of warm colours: Bright red top meets leather skirt and brown vest.

The Coachella Festival must reproach for years leave to have sold long ago: mainstream rather than music, great Line-Up instead of selected acts. With the major brands such as H & M and co, it betrayed itself even long. Jajajaja, and still we would be terribly happy times on the spot. Maybe Yes at last in the coming year. Outfit inspiration exists anyway, now in vogue.

From love to timeless quality and at the same time affordable design, ‘hacking IKEA kitchens’ reform and gives a new look – them with Designfronten by internationally acclaimed architect produced in Denmark. The concept is simple: IKEA produces the kitchen cabinets and reform designs unique kitchen fronts and countertops from sustainable materials, can be easily combined with traditional IKEA modules. Each IKEA base kitchen can be through reforms to the individual designer piece customized designer fronts.

Francisco Costa, the women’s Creative Director, and Italo Zucchelli, the men leave Calvin Klein – Creative Director, and already the rumor mill bubbling again: RAF Simons will take over the creative reins? One thing is certain: Calvin Klein will unite all different brands of labels to a brand and it still adheres to the rebranding plan. At WWD you more experience.

We have so at all no idea what brings Beyonce just with the channel HBO in the shields. A second teaser video on Instagram is little exclusion about what might – be despite extra length. On April 23, the secret to be revealed. Follow Beyonce and miss anything.

Over 20 years it’s been, there were the supermodels Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell for a cancer campaign by Ralph Lauren. And exactly that is reissued now with the supermodels: again in the white shirt by Ralph Lauren. 1996 the for his anti-cancer campaign took fashion targets breast cancer the supermodels of the 1990s before the camera to the disease continue to bring into focus and attention to make. Then as now it takes exactly this not much: A message, a white shirt and black and white images of the campaign. 1996 campaign images: Patrick Demarcherlier. Campaign images today: Mario Testino.

Fashion is fashion targets breast cancer campaign, the poster child of breast cancer now, UK’s largest breast cancer organization. Since the campaign was launched in 1996, breast cancer now could collect more than 18 million euros for groundbreaking research. Even our site supported the campaign with a capsule collection and donate 30% of the income of the research.

The model cat demonstrated in previous seasons absolute character of lovers: now ACE & Tate puts it one with their limited edition: the wide winged frame, as the name already reveals it, have a cat-like cut, come in classic black and expressive patterns of marble. Attention: the copper-colored brackets. The Kat limited edition is now stores and online at available. There are 100 models total.

The Kat limited edition is Now in the stores and online under our site available. There are 100 models total.

Known was the Berlin-based jewelry designer by creation with delicate nail heads, now is time for new: “For the first time my favorite heirloom – a chain of my grandmother, who is of special importance to me inspired me”, so the designer. The idea of tradition, resistance and legacy is in the spring/summer collection 2016 by Ina Beissner redefined: an heirloom of their grandmother meets modern reinterpretation, in the implementation of the new design in contemporary and at the same time non-conventional naturalness appears. The classic form of the medal Make over – a so-called update of a jewelry classic with special dedication and focus on a reduced execution gets so a minimalist. There’s more of Ina Beissner.

For the 6th time in a row it says on May 7: the Neukölln shopping night. The local favorite shops and master pubs join, to let us stroll after official closing by the stores. With: galleries, designer, vintage stores, bars and book shops – with actions, drinks, live music, DJ sets and of course still very much more. It starts from 16:00 – official end is at 22:00. And after that? Afterwards we Sameheads Berlin for example in the . Happy shopping < 3

or also: the story of Issey Miyake’s fashion. This retrospective shows how intensive the designer from the start, has deals with textile research materials, structures and techniques and how boldly he has realized his vision of a bridge between tradition and innovation, nature and technology, Eastern and Western culture, just in time for the big Miyake exhibition at the National Art Center Tokyo. Draws the image band studios in 1970 in Tokyo his career from the early years and the founding of the Miyake design about his revolutionary A piece of cloth concept, the designs of the Body Series of the 1980s and the Miyake pleats collection 1990s according to the practical pleats please everyday pieces . From available immediately in the TASCHEN Verlag.

And it’s gone. Season 5 is already finished in the United States, and one thing is certain: it follows only a last season with our favorite girls – then finally is. Your perplexed lags? Man repeller -29 questions to the final result.

‘Citizens of Humanity’ celebrating the launch of the 8th edition of his HUMANITY magazine within the framework of a special exhibition in the Gallery of 206 in Berlin, with exclusive works of the international photographer Francesco Carrozzini, Rafael Pulido, Scott Lipps and Lee Jaffe. HUMANITY is a twice-yearly publication that portrays influential figures of contemporary events. Including rock icon Courtney Love, Boxer Muhammad Ali, photographer Bruce Weber, and film composer Hans Zimmer. Also worth reading: The interview with Yoko Ono.