Short News with Woman Power, Lookbook Love & Friendship Benefits

All news of the last few days at a glance, the should – be missed under any circumstances including with an initiative to draw attention to gynecological cancer, Alexa Chung as a model for their friend, music by Jeannel and lots of fashion news.

After the second world war a revolution in America, which as “abstract expressionism” became known. During this time, a new generation of creative emerged – this was influenced by the surrealist artists from Europe, who were forced to flee into US exile. The exhibition “The 9th Street” in 1951 reflected this development, in which a collective of artists – painter, poet, and writer – presented creative work. The exhibition marks the launch of the New York avant-garde, which became known as “New York School”. Art and creativity were seen here as a physical process, why was spontaneity about perfecting the work.
Levi’s vintage clothing autumn / winter collection 2016 devoted to this art movement. So Levi were it taken styles of the 50’s from the archive and lavishly reproduced: splashes of color on the jeans, customized sweater and loose shirts show the natural lifestyle of creative minds and revive the time of this future-oriented revolution. The matching Lookbook compliant? Lead < 3

After the successful campaign last year, Topshop is committed again in 2016, gynaecological cancers, such as breast cancer or cervical cancer early enough to realize and launches the Lady garden collection. 30 percent of sales by the way go to gynaecological cancer Fund (GCF).

After initial skepticism, this look from the designer collaboration of between H & M and KENZO’s got us still. Even tenser we not are just release the on November 3, but also on the campaign, which will already appear on October 17. Photographer Jean-Paul Goude is responsible for the images . In this seven celebrities and personalities to watch are: Iman, Rosario Dawson, chance the rapper, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Chloë Sevigny, Suboi, and Xiuhtezcatl Martinez. Huiuiui, as much a star studded. We’ll keep you up to date.

A young woman in black dress and white sneakers jumps and dance effortlessly over the nested metal rooftops of Paris. It suggests flips and turns pirouettes when the rules of gravity do not apply to them. Without fear, she completed their course through the French capital. And who’s behind it? My little box. Start and landing point of the course are the already known headquarters by my little box – with the kind support of all neighbors who provided their roofs for the video. How exactly the rapid cuts made possible were, unfortunately secret. No matter: Nice image video < 3

Plaid pattern, ruffled dresses & Jetty LEGGINGS! Mango again ensures a bull’s-eye with the allereneusten Lookbook. There are all looks here and here find pieces for sale to.

Yikes, who do we have here? For the upcoming campaign, obviously all signs point in Zalando on “Change of course” brought Veronika Heilbrunner, Elisa Sednaoui Dellal, Joséphine de La Baume and Saskia de Brauw is actually with the boat. The result you see her here.

As a total perfectionist’s is not been easy the Cologne musician Jeannel work on their debut EP “mind tricks” at some point over to explain and to leave your baby in the world. You can do otherwise as to be totally enraptured by the result. The Cologne electro pop artist comes from a family of musicians and has gotten already with seven years of cello lessons. Piano playing has taught himself and later also at the Cologne Musikhochschule completed vocal studies. At the age of 15 she started to write their own songs and after the release of the track “Version 5” about a British publishing house two years ago, Jeannel now has their debut EP “mind tricks” released. All information is available here.

“I am not, but I feel good in my body. However, I must say that I, when I’m at the beach, at once much more will my blemish-aware me. And of course I’m starting to compare me, that we see in the magazines all year round with the 18-year old girl and their perfect bodies. So I wanted to make herself fun a little bit about me and the moment before I swim: the different types that go through my head, as I best can avoid to show all my butt. It almost becomes a kind of absurd dance and I always thought that it would be probably pretty funny to look at this. Happy summer!” Don’t worry, the expected cannonball at the end is coming!

To have Alexa Chung, a friend may be worth pretty – at least if you can also work on the beautiful British woman with his own creations. Tennessee Thomas did it and her best buddy Alexa can get in front of the lens: in their shirts and dresses. More can be found in The Deep End Club.