The Vintage Lancel Par Harcourt in Paris. Luxury Bags

Lancel It is one of the luxury leather enterprises created with family tradition and their bags, bags and small leather goods accompany the demanding since 1876.

The French maison has with what organize a photo exhibition Les Vintage Lancel par Harcourt : they are extraordinary. They are available to the public in their Parisian store in L’ Opéra (8 Place de L’ Opéra) from September 21.

They present the exhibition Lancel and Studio Harcourt Paris photographers work together uniting spirit and business philosophy since 1934. While you find a hole in your schedule to travel to the French capital, here I bring you pictures of the vintage.

The main photo is my favorite: Le Parapluie, umbrella in French (clear and precious). Each of the vintage has a reason that gives his personality and strength. Le Chinois, pictured above, speaks for itself only.

I was surprised by the Dali: didn’t know was Lancel. All a discovery. Le Sournois is truly terrifying: I imagine it as a gift to a Lady of the 1930 and this with his best poker face by scary.

Far from being a firm rooted in a glorious past, Lancel has marked trend and continues to do so. Their collections are distributed creativity and design between the modern, classic, the daring, the masculine.

They are still without own boutiques in Spain: a shame. But no matter: If you’re going to see the exhibition, pass by the boutique, you buy the best bag of the season and tell it us.