Women & Clothes. 21 Questions: Ruth Bartlett: A “Bad Arse in a Nice Dress”

When we meet Ruth Bartlett this summer, one thing is immediately clear: women like Ruth need a separate section at Jane Wayne. It is love at first sight, because Ruth is not only incredibly smart and funny, Ruth changes nothing me at an event just friends nothing their complete look – and looks twice so terribly fantastic out, that we have love again: your wild mane nibbled them with two handles under a turban and her Motley two-parter is exchanged for a cracker dress. What we should look out because: it is a tribute to the fashion, with each outfit, every accessory and the right attitude to things. Ruth makes it like Sheila Heti, Leanne Sharpton and Heidi Julavite: this is about more than merely to fashion. Dealing with the emotional language of our clothing, to the precious possessions, which are to be measured with price tags, but tell their own story. The work of art is the Declaration of love – and we can wait in our new section “Jane Wayne style icons” because outside closer look to introduce the craziest, most inspiring and very special women.

But back to Ruth, because this Queen of hearts is a bartender in their field: Art Director, Illustrator, set designer, photographer, stylist and, Oh Yes – style icon, of course. Welcome to so in our new section full glitter, full of fashion and above all full of questions for our ladies.

Inspired by a wonderful book “Women and clothes”, the three authors Sheila Heti, Leanne Sharpton and Heidi Julavite, we want to pursue the small declarations of love of fashion. What’s behind it, what testify dresses about us which accompany situations, in which they encourage us, our good clothes.

Between self reflections and nonsense we want to create it, stop the fuss about fashion, to see what hides everything behind: what ideas and what declarations of love which spleens. It’s not about the next outfit post, but about to lose a few more words about it: for the fashion and their icons in the present, here and now.

Helps us also to larger clothes or she inhibits us in certain situations, because we make us too many thoughts about it or lose us in a flurry of recurring trends, inspiration from the infinite universe mode or the advice of our loved ones?

And at all her love dresses, what say you about us and Ruth Bartlett out?

We leave on a particularly inspiring women and style icon, the is between pink may lose eyebrows and wonderful patterns, is popular on small little things and us besides reveals at once, meaning beauty for her and so behind their fashion philosophy.

Ruth comes from England, in Hong Kong and Brighton grew up, she moved early to London, to move three years ago finally to Berlin. Ruth bakes happy, likes to even cover of vinyl records. Why not?

Also she was recently in California, working on many free projects and is also the creative mind at the Berlin-based label Folkdays and responsible for the content of any kind.

If she wants to wear something, you don’t care about, when and why she wears it is easy. It is just simple then. She can not dictate what goes when or what you like to wear. “Bad ate in a nice dress,” she said while smiling sitting me in her Berlin apartment opposite, to be question and answer me.

Well then, love Ruth and first style icon in the Jane Wayne universe, let’s times:

You are happy, each and every single moment in your life. What would you wear?

I feel happiest when I feel a little bit like a superhero or a genius, so I think it would start with eyebrows and a Swarovski heart pink a turban, Giri, and my favourite Terry De Havilland shoes. Once those are in place, almost of anything else in my wardrobe wants to work just fine for me.

Oh, and if I’m so happy, I’m probably in the sun so I would also be wearing my Ria Keburia Fakoshima X sunglasses.

Your wardrobe is going to disappear. It is only one single thing you could rescue. What would it be?

That’s a difficult one for me since the combination of the pieces is what really excites me rather than one specific piece, so I’m going to cheat a little bit and say my jewellery. I have five rings and a necklace that I wear every day and they are all linked to a specific person or time in my life. Losing those would break my heart a little bit. If I really really had to save one garment, it would probably be my silk Ikat parka coat from Rianna in Berlin. It’s one of a kind, has the only hood big enough to fit my afro under, and is a real showstopper. When you wear it, the world is full of smiles.

A shopping experience which changed everything?

When I was a teenager – growing up in a very conservative area of the UK – me and my friends would escape sometimes and take the train to Brighton. At the time it was a very artistic and quite hippy community, and we were really inspired by the whole scene. We would change into outlandish – almost costume – outfits on the train and spend the days there shopping for second hand clothes, feather boas and glitter. Lots of glitter. Those trips were probably the first seeds of how I turned out.

What was the first moment you consciously thought about what are your wearing and what your outfits stands for?

I think I’ve always been aware of the decision making element of getting dressed, but it wasn’t so many years ago that I make a conscious decision to take things even further. It was about challenging myself to be open and honest in all aspects of myself and my life so I also had to apply this to my dress code. Challenging myself to become as strong and present in myself as the colors and patterns I wear gave me a new feeling of freedom and understanding of myself, but also transformed my aesthetic viewpoint in my work too.

The first moment ever you were standing in front of your wardrobe and and thought about what to wear?

I can’t say – it’s something I don’t really do. I find it easier to decide one item I feel like wearing that day, and I visualise the rest of the outfit from there. I know my wardrobe really well so I don’t need to look at it to see it.

Why do you love clothes or dresses?

I don’t know if I love them so much as they are integral part of my personal journey in aesthetic values at any given time. They are only as important as everything else in my home or studio. I don’t believe in buying anything that doesn’t bring me some kind of joy.

Why are they getting on your nerves sometimes?

I can’t always wear what I’d like to because it’s not practical, and practicality is the absolute opposite of everything I really want to be wearing. Like, have you tried walking a day in Berlin in 6 inch platforms? Sometimes you have to listen to your ankles and do the right – but less interesting – thing.

Influence on your wardrobe was coming from:

I used to date this guy in New York and he was a total clothes horse. His wardrobe was probably bigger than mine is now, and full of colours and patterns. An average outfit for him would be a vintage two piece suit, a tropical shirt with mismatched braces, multiple beaded necklaces, penny loafers and an admirals hat. His collection of glittery jumpers was legendary, and he could always pull off the look. He gave me the space to experiment with my wardrobe. It was like a constant game between us to not be out done by the other. Then working and partying with GIRLCORE and then with the drag and tranny community in London pushed me even further.

Can we reinvent ourselves through clothes. Can we get closer to a role we envision for ourselves through clothes?

Absolutely. Every day. Isn’t that what fashion – and more importantly personal style – is all about?

Fashion is culture? Is there any movie, a band or even a single song which influenced your style?

I recently got told I’m basically just made out of 90s movies, so I would have to say Clueless and Tank Girl rank pretty highly on my list; but also the documentary Paris Is Burning is a pretty significant repeat player and The Rocky Horror Picture Show was probably my favorite film as a child. When it comes to music, it all plays a part, so it just depends what’s on the stereo that morning.

How would you best describe your culture, your style and the connection of both worlds?

It’s a very tightly packed world with infinite inspiration from all over the world and from every era, from different people, movements, art and media. My style reflects this exactly I think – there is no one specific angle and it’s different every time.

Is there any style icon which has an impact on you?

I’m certain there are many, but the most constant one over the years would have to be Davie Bowie.

Your philosophy of style if there is any?

Style over fashion, and of course: more is more!

Women can be enchanting and inspiring. Who is a showstopper for you?

Marina Abramovic. It’s not so much about her garment choices, but her attitude towards herself as an artist and a human. I think she might be one of the most transparent people I’ve ever met, and this gives her an air of realness and fearlessness that shines out of her. It’s breathtaking.

Beauty is for you?

Beauty comes through honesty. It has to begin on the inside to be expressed on the outside.

Lets be honest. Is it only you who decided about your outfit or is there anyone else involved?

Oh goodness! Each day my outfit is a result of my mood in the moment. It’d be really fun to have someone else try and curate my feelings into looks, but for now, it’s just me on the job.

Are there any differences between “ oh my goodness, I still do not know what to wear and please give me something to dress up“ (everyday throw on clothes – like go to the store clothes) and “ today I dress up fancy“?

Hahaha! There can be a difference, but I don’t think there has to be. For example, if you’re heading to the shop in your pyjamas (my favourite!) it can still be a strong look – it’s the process of deciding that what you’re wearing is awesome that makes it so, not how fancy or not fancy it actually is.

Do you have any special relationship to your wardrobe?

We’re in a deep, respectful, long-term relationship. Sometimes I get restless and think maybe there’s nothing left in the relationship for me – perhaps it’s time to move on. But when I take a good long look at it, I know we’re meant to be together.

Fashion means a lot but not everything. What is equally important than fashion in your life?

Magic, adventure, love and honesty.

Can you remember when we used to… Do you remember a time when you did not look at all as you look today? What happened?

I look different every day for a thousand different reasons!

Rules in fashion are?

Be fearless in your choices whatever that means for you. Aside from that, I’d like to think there are no other rules.

Merci dear Ruth, for your honesty, your time, and for being as you are!

Now you, who are your style icons out there?